Articles of Association "KRAKEN"
 (Most of the items will work after the game is released)
• Alliance "KRAKEN" is an association of friendly corporations with a common military policy and territory (the territory is divided into corporations of participants);
• The main governing body is the council of heads of corporations of participants, as well as the Alliance has a Chapter (Russian and English), 2 diplomats (Russian and English), the Chapter can be changed by a general vote of corporations (it is forbidden to vote for oneself);
• Corporations do not conduct personal wars - the entire alliance is at war, in case of a declaration of war by a third corporation-corporation to a member of the Alliance, this is equivalent to a declaration of war on the entire alliance. Also, if a corporation member wants to declare war on someone, an alliance is gathered to bring arguments and vote. The Head of the Alliance in exceptional cases has the right to declare war on behalf of the Alliance, but within a short time, an urgent council meeting is held;
• In the event of the defense of territories or the capture of new ones by the leadership of the alliance, the gathering of the fleet of participants can be announced about what will be notified in advance in the messenger. Fees will be divided according to the obligatory presence, depending on their priority:
- RED CTA - this is the most important collection with the maximum mandatory turnout to protect or capture extremely important strategic points;
- CTA - an important battle with the mandatory attendance of alliance members;
- OPS - fight with free attendance at will;
• The alliance's fleet will operate in 4 units under the leadership of the general fleet committee (capital fleet, sub-capital fleet, logistics unit, immediately a unit of stealth bombers). Each unit will have its own fleet committee, which will be locked into the main one for the coordinated work of the fleet and the maximum realization of its potential. The main fleet will have 2 spare fleet commanders who will take over the command in case of his death (all fleet commanders must have a minimum knowledge of English, since the fleet is multinational).
• It is forbidden to attack or kill members of corporations of members of the alliance. In the event of such incidents, an investigation will be conducted and the corporation whose member was wrong will compensate the damaged corporation of the alliance. Also, in case of complete inadequacy of some member of the corporation, constant violations of the rules, the head of the alliance has the right to demand his exclusion;
• Also, corporations that do not take part in the life of the alliance in any way will be excluded from its composition by the general meeting.

(1st edition of the charter, can be changed and supplemented.

There will be no mandatory fleet fees until the game is released, only at will / opportunity. Also, before the release of the game there will be no assessment of the role of corporations in the life of the alliance.)

      Before tickers appear, the item about compensation and attack of alliance members does not work.
        Until the appearance of the mechanic and the number of servers, the item with a clear gradation of the fleet does not work (only by agreement).


                                                   How to join us?
- Players need to go to the "corporations" section, select a corporation that suits them and go to the discord channel to join;
- Corporate leaders need to go to the discord channel on the main page of the site;