Main language - Russian

                                                 The main activity of the order:

- Free hire - mercenaries or soldiers of fortune, (initially they do not belong to any ideological group) entering an armed conflict guided only by profit.

Smuggling - illegal transportation, drop and sale of valuables and other items.

Trading - implementation of sale and purchase, exchange of goods, delivery of goods, their storage and accounting.

Sealing - contracts concluded with corporations, organizations or individuals, which are essentially the seizure of ships or cargo of the owner indicated in the contract.

Raiding - the execution of contracts for an armed attack, the seizure of stationary objects, espionage, sabotage activities against an organization, corporation or individuals designated in the contract.

Research and development - Research of systems, planets, moons for the presence of life forms and minerals, research of jump points, other research activities in the interests and for the benefit of the Order.

- Comprehensive defense of the territory, property, interests of the order.