Main language - Russian

Initially, the organization was created as a union of several units from the game IL2 Sturmovik, the main focus is hardcore PvP. Over time, veterans of EvE and other projects began to join, and now the main team consists of more than 100 people.
Considering that the StarCitizen project is still at an early stage of development, we are not engaged in active recruiting and are accepting into our ranks mainly on the recommendations of our comrades.

Over time, the strength of our "hangar" fleet has grown to such an extent that it has already become possible to compete with the western clans and engage in strategic planning. At the moment, our direction has outgrown pure PvP and covers all the activities that are required to complete tasks in the PU ("permanent universe").

The main part of our fleet (more than 100 ships of limited brands including 4 Idris-M, 2 Idris-P and 6 Javelin) is in a common hangar and will be available to members of the group to perform assigned tasks around the clock.

In the summer of 2014, an alliance was made with the foreign organization STAR (organizers of the marketplace on Reddit) and at the moment we jointly have 35 Idris frigates and 11 Javelin-class destroyers, which in terms of total firepower exceeds the Western clans of 1000+ people.

Organization structure:

We plan to stick to a federal system.
Squads / corporations / guilds that have come to us, at will, have the opportunity to completely preserve their structure, site / forum and internal relationships, and their leaders are accepted into the headquarters council and receive the right to vote in making global decisions of our organization.
After the final formation of the structure of our organization and the start of active actions in the game (with the release of the beta PU), the commander-in-chief will be re-elected for a certain period by universal suffrage.

At this stage, we are interested in:

1) Joining both entire squads and individual pilots of hardcore aircraft sims (IL2, DCS) to form additional PvP squadrons.
2) Joining experienced teams from EvE to form the economic core of our organization and bring experience in managing squadrons of Capital ships.
3) Engaging teams of production workers / grinders to collect resources in the occupied territories under our protection.