Main language - English


    Synchronizerz was founded in june 2016, as a global org from all countries and timezones. Our goal is to achieve something that can not be done in real life: No matter which nationality, religion, political interest or gender – we work together as a big tight knit team with one objective: Providing everything our members need from within the organization itself. No one needs to go out in the cold darkness of the verse alone, being unprotected to whatever they face out there. In Synchronizerz we got everything that is necessary to achieve that goal and to enjoy quality time. Here u have a homebase for trusted people working together on a great project. So we arent a group of random people. We integrate new members, get to know eachother personally and most of all, we play together as an org. We focus on the individual skills of members without picking on weaknesses, we are all here to enjoy our sparetime. We also focus on the fact, that bringing together individual skills will make us stronger as a whole and everyone here will benefit from this.The ambition and effort our people put in to this organization is overwhelming.

    Synchronizerz is active in ALL aspects of the Star Citizen Universe (except piracy) Everyone in this Organization can play a role or just casual play with support of the members. You will never have to fight alone in the verse again and as a global org we are active 24/7. You will not be helpless as you mine, explore, or make a cargo run. No matter your motivations, be it a drive for success, or a desire for socializing, you will find a home here. Departments and detailed Ranks and Roles - It´s your choice as a citizen of the stars! We are organized into multiple primary departments: Military, Business & Resources, Science & Exploration, Public Relations (eSports, streaming..) and Delegacy (Embassy, Senate…). Synchronizerz are free to participate in one, or all of them. You choose your Star Citizen life. Originating from all corners of Earth, Synchronizerz isn’t just a simple organization; it’s a mind-set – a call to action – all departments, all members, synchronized in our focus toward mutual success.

                     We WILL leave our mark on the entire Universe.