Main language - Russian


                                    Vanduul Swarm Corporation was founded in 2020.
The corporation includes TOP pilots of Star Citizen in order to create a strong clan with a high skill PVP benchmark.
Vanduul Swarm is a multinational corporation that brings together pilots from all countries.

- Availability of voice communication (Discord account and presence of a microphone);
- Adequate communication within the corporation (without insults, obscenities, etc.);
- Willingness to play an organized game (we never leave our comrades in trouble, we are one and this is our strength!);
- The corporation can reward its members for merits and participation in corporate events and active participation in the life of the corporation.
- The corporation has members with different life, religious and political views. Respect other people's views.
- All members of the corporation, without exception, have the right to raise any issue for discussion by directly contacting the management of the corporation.

Vanduul Swarm is a diversified corporation that spans all aspects of the game. We have military (warships and ground infantry), engineering (repair and salvaging (collection of ship wrecks)), trade, mining (ore mining) and research units.
We help newcomers by buying them ships within the game, and also train them, giving them the opportunity to find themselves in the game.

Vanduul swarm organizes internal corporate events, as well as joint events with other corporations. As a rule, events are held on weekends. Events increase interaction and the level of team play.
Also, event winners often receive valuable gifts to their RSI account.


                                                               VANDUUL SWARM
Do you want to be part of a strong clan?
Learn PVP at the highest level?
Have reliable friends who will never leave you in trouble and split your enemies into atoms?